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FSA Guaranteed Loans

FSA Guaranteed Loans

Your agribusiness is the backbone of our community. Whether you are looking to purchase new farm real estate or to cover upgrades for your existing operation, Vision Bank provides you with the tools you need to make your Oklahoma agribusiness succeed.

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) Guaranteed Loan program provides favorable, flexible terms to start or upgrade your farm. The loans provide up to a 95% guarantee of the loss of interest and principal, providing access to agricultural credit to farm and ranch owners who don't meet typical loan qualification criteria.

We understand the local land and environment and put this knowledge to work for you. Our familiarity with a range of agribusiness operations ensures that we identify the solutions that work best for your goals and your business. Growth for your farm means growth for our community.

As an approved FSA Guaranteed Loan partner, Vision Bank offers competitive rates and fast approval times. Along with our more than 100 years of experience in our community, your agribusiness will be
well-positioned to succeed.

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Contact Vision Bank at (888) 332-5132, send us an email visit one of our convenient locations to learn more about FSA Guaranteed Loans.

More About FSA Guaranteed Loans:

  • Available in loan amounts ranging from $300,000 - $1,399,000
  • Utilize funds to secure farm ownership
  • Cover operating expenses for your farm or ranch
  • May be used as FSA beginner farm loans
  • Financing for owner-occupied properties
  • Ranchers and farmers who are not delinquent on any federal debt are eligible

Serving Our Community

In 1900, AB. Dunlap purchased the First National Bank at 101 East Main in Ada. For more than a century, Vision Bank has served communities in Southeastern Oklahoma by providing products that improve their livelihoods. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to serving the needs of customers in our region. Now with eight Vision Bank offices in Ada, Durant, Shawnee, Prague, Meeker, Sulphur and Davis, we provide knowledge of the regional economy with a local, convenient, and personalized approach to determining the solutions that work best for your goals and your business. We make decisions locally, so we understand the unique needs of agribusinesses in our area. That's why we offer lending services for farms with your needs in mind.

See the Difference!

Let Vision Bank be your gateway to an FSA guaranteed loan for your agribusiness. Contact our team of lending professionals or visit the bank office nearest you to take steps towards securing the business of your dreams. Local decision-making puts the power in our hands.

Work with Vision Bank and see the difference!

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