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Oil and Gas Industry Financing

Oil and Gas Industry Financing

Oklahoma and energy are inextricably linked. Oil and natural gas are resources in abundance in our state, and one-quarter of employment in the state is tied to the energy industry. That's why oil and gas are an important part of Oklahoma's past, present, and future. 

Vision Bank understands the critical role that investment in Oklahoma's oil and gas industry has on our state and our community. The oil resources found in our region are an immense asset, and one that we are proud to have supported and invested in for several decades. 

Growth for your energy business means growth for our community. At Vision Bank, we invest in your success.

Vision Bank's oil and gas team is a local leader in the area of oil and gas industry lenders. Whether you seek oil and gas exploration financing opportunities or plan to increase production, we offer several solutions.

  • Oil and Gas Production Loans: Oil and gas production lenders provide loans to purchase new field equipment, or to purchase or develop your oil or gas properties.
  • Equipment Financing: Need more or upgraded equipment to maximize output? Oil and gas equipment financing is used to obtain the machinery for your operation such as drilling equipment, hydraulic cranes, excavators, air compressors, and more.
  • Standby Letter of Credit: A standby letter of credit, is a letter issued by Vision Bank to guarantee payment on behalf of a customer. This document is used as a last resort should a client fail to meet their obligations to a third party creditor.

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Contact Vision Bank at (888) 332-5132, send us an email visit one of our convenient locations to learn more about financing for the oil and gas industry.

Part of your community

For over 100 years, Vision Bank has served customers in east central, south central, and southeastern Oklahoma by providing business loans and other financial products and services that improve their lives. With eight Vision Bank locations in Ada, Durant, Shawnee, Prague, Davis, Meeker, and Sulphur, we offer knowledge of the regional economy that provides a local, convenient, and personalized approach to determining the best oil and gas financing products to fuel your business.

As we are in your community, get the answers you need when you need them. No long delays or processing times. Whenever you need us, we're never more than a phone call or short drive away. 

Our experienced oil and gas lending team will provide expertise on a range of topics and help you identify the appropriate tools for your business for oil and gas production financing options.

Work with us

With personalized service and a local touch, Vision Bank has everything you need to meet your goals. Call us or visit a Vision Bank location near you today to speak with our oil and gas lending team. Together, we will work with you to obtain the financing you need to fuel the company of your dreams.

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