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Financial Literacy

FREE Financial Literacy!

At Vision Bank we believe financial education is important for all ages and education levels. That is why we have partnered with Banzai to provide free financial literacy education to local schools across southeastern Oklahoma.

What’s Banzai?

Banzai is a free online financial education tool that includes articles, financial calculators, personalized advice and interactive courses.

How Does Banzai Work?

Banzai includes three interactive course that provide real-life scenarios where users pay bills and balance a budget. Each course also includes a pre and post-test.

The courses include:
Junior (ages 8-12)
Teen (ages 13-17)
Plus (ages 18 and up)

What Will I Learn?

Users will learn first-hand how to create a budget and manage income and expenses. The courses also introduce auto loans, bank statements, insurance, saving and more!

Banzai Library & Financial Calculators

The Banzai Library includes resources and interactive calculators on the following topics: Insurance, retirement, buying a house, taxes, life changes, borrowing and credit, smart living, starting a business and budgeting. Check out the Banzai Library and collection of interactive calculators now!

Banzai Coach

In need of practical, nonjudgmental advice on your financial situation? Banzai Coach is for you! Banzai Coach offers free virtual advice on the following topics: budgeting, bookkeeping, FAFSA, retirement, insurance, loans, emergencies and business. 

Banzai is free and open to everyone, so don’t wait! Get started today by clicking the button below and become an expert at managing your finances!

Are you a teacher and interested in utilizing Banzai in your classroom? Check out Banzai in the classroom!