Your farm fuels our collective sustainability.

With over 120 years working in our community, Vision Bank understands your needs and puts that knowledge to work for you. Whether you're seeking to expand your supply of cattle or refinance existing livestock loans, we have the solution for your business.

Your desire to improve your farm or ranch contributes to the economic vitality of our region. With the help of Vision Bank's experience and local focus, your goals will become a reality.

We understand the specialty of livestock financing and will put that knowledge to work for you. By matching you with the right livestock financing tools, our expertise will help you reach your dreams.

When considering ways to strengthen your farm's finances, stay local. For more than a century, Vision Bank has served communities in Southeastern Oklahoma. Our team understands your unique concerns and will work with you to determine the financial vehicle right for your enterprise. Growth for your farm means growth for our community. At Vision Bank, your success is our business.

Beef up your farm's inventory and look to Vision Bank for your cattle, poultry, or swine financing needs. Livestock financing options include:

  • Cattle Financing: Dairy cows, beef cattle, bulls, steers, heifers
  • Poultry Financing: Chickens, turkey, broilers, layers
  • Swine Financing: Boars, pigs, hogs, barrows, gilts, sows
  • Competitive rates: Variable and fixed options available
To learn more about agricultural financing contact Vision Bank by email or call us at 888-332-5132. Click here to download a Commercial Loan Application. Fill it out, print it and bring it to one of our convenient locations.