A town's churches tell the history of the community from its beginning. If you're interested in taking on a rehabilitation project to renovate an existing church building or if you're interested in developing a new church campus, Vision Bank would like to partner with your ministry.

As a longtime member of the communities of Ada, Durant, Shawnee, Meeker, Prague, Davis, and Sulphur, Vision Bank is committed to preserving the history and memory of the communities we serve.

In keeping with our desire to serve our broader communities in Oklahoma, we offer the following loans that can be used for various elements related to renovating, expanding, and refinancing churches and church mortgages.

Come see us and meet with a loan officer at any of our local community banks to share your vision for the church building you would like to renovate or expand. Vision Bank would love to discuss this with you and help you along the way. You can download the loan application first to expedite the process and you may also want to begin gathering necessary supporting documents such as:

  • Three years of financial statements 
  • Balance sheet and income statements
  • Total membership (total number of those regularly making donations)
  • Property value
  • Proposed project and time to completion

Common Questions Asked About Church Loans:

What can I do with a church financing loan?
Building renovations: Many churches are quite old, dating back fifty or one hundred plus years. Furthermore, after many years of standing vacant or having different church groups worshipping in them, a wide variety of renovations are often needed. Let Vision Bank assist you with this process, however large or small your goals are.

Expansion: Growing congregations mean the need for more space. Whether you want to add to the structure of your existing church, open another campus, or add buildings to the land on which the church sits, Vision Bank is here to support your church's continued thriving presence in the community.

Mortgages: While the loan-to-value may be slightly lower with a church (75-80%) than it is for a typical mortgage loan, Vision Bank is committed to providing you with the backing you need to help purchase a church building and land.

Refinancing: Church properties can be refinanced for the same reasons as a primary residence: for renovations or updating, or for other items relevant to improving the property.

Contact Vision Bank by email or call us at 888-332-5132. Click here to download a Commercial Loan Application. Fill it out, print it and bring it by one of our convenient locations to discuss your church loan needs.