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Municipality Loans

The hard work of municipal government frequently happens behind the scenes. Tax revenue ensures that the smooth delivery of essential services like water and waste collection are administered by dedicated public servants, but what about one-off projects and upgrades needed to keep your community moving forward? If you're exploring options for municipal financing, look no further than your community bank.

For over one hundred years, Vision Bank has worked with cities, counties, and school districts in Southeastern Oklahoma to provide municipality financing, ensuring that their residents have the quality of life they expect in their communities.

At Vision Bank, we offer multiple municipal financing options which include:

  • Municipal Lines of Credit: Provide short-term payment solutions to cover short-term gaps in cash flow.
  • Municipal Term Loans: Used to finance the purchase of new property, to make improvements to existing structures, and to purchase new equipment. These loans spread the distribution of costs over decades so that all who benefit contribute to the cost.
  • Municipal Equipment Loans & Leases: Utilize municipal financing options for construction equipment, emergency vehicles, computer systems & equipment, and a range of other items essential to maintaining your community.
Contact our knowledgeable lending team or visit your nearest Vision Bank today to discuss the right municipal financing options for your town. Our lending experts will put their years of experience to work identifying the best financing products for your town's future. Local decision-making puts the power close to home. Get the answers you need when you need them. No long delays or processing times. Whenever you need us, we're always just a phone call or short drive

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