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Additional Resources

Free Estate Planning Resources

Our trust officers will review the estate planning options of an individual in a free, one-hour conference. Our Trust Department does not prepare wills, trust agreements, or other legal documents. We always refer potential clients to their attorney for legal advice and document preparation.

Call the Trust Department for an appointment or for more information at 580-436-8323 or 580-436-8322.


Most Common Ways to Transfer Property

There are many ways to transfer property to your heirs. Here we have listed some of the most common ways to transfer property. 

How to Choose the Right Trustee

Once you and your attorney have decided that a trust would be a solution to your estate planning issues, what do you do next? Whatever the reason for establishing your trust, you will need to name a Trustee. As a start, you will want to choose a Trustee who understands your goals, and has the capability to follow your instructions to the letter. Here is a resource to help you choose the right Trustee for your needs.

Statement of Fees

Our objective is to maintain a schedule of fees which is fair and reasonable both to the bank and the customer in relation to the responsibility assumed and duties performed. Greater or lower fees may be agreed upon where warranted by circumstances involved. Additional fees may be necessary in situations involving such things as litigation, management of closely held businesses or partnership interests, or providing extraordinary or unusual services.


Not a deposit; not FDIC insured; not guaranteed by any federal government agency; not guaranteed by the bank; and may go down in value.