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Boat Loans

Ready to Float and Need a Boat?

When you need boat financing, look no further than the local lender who knows your name and shares your love of fishing, sailing, and other watercraft activities. Whether you're looking to refinance an existing boat loan at a better rate, or you need help making your first boat purchase, the lending team at Vision Bank provides personalized service throughout the boat loan application process. We can help you determine the loan amount that would best fit your budget so you can narrow the selection of boats you're considering. Once you identify the specific boat you'd like to purchase, or a similar model to use on your loan application, we'll help you complete the application with the necessary supporting documents. Along the way, we are here to answer any questions you have. Once your application is completed, we'll review it and make a decision as quickly as possible. If approved, our lending team will be as excited as you are to realize your dream of owning and enjoying your own boat.