Agriculture Loan

Agriculture Financing

At Vision Bank, we take the time to know you, your family, and your business. When you choose local financing, you are choosing a bank that understands the unique needs of your farm. We want to help you grow your business with experts who will assist in identifying the appropriate ag financing options for you. Look no farther than your own backyard for the right agriculture loan lender. Vision Bank has flexible options, professional experience, and the local expertise you need to reach your agriculture business goals.

Vision Bank's agricultural lending options include:

Livestock Loans

Your farm fuels our collective sustainability. With over 120 years working in our community, Vision Bank understands your needs and puts that knowledge to work for you. Whether you're seeking to expand your supply of cattle or refinance existing livestock loans, we have the solution for your business.

Your desire to improve your farm or ranch contributes to the economic vitality of our region. With the help of Vision Bank's experience and local focus, your goals will become a reality.

We understand the specialty of livestock financing and will put that knowledge to work for you. By matching you with the right livestock financing tools, our expertise will help you reach your dreams.

When considering ways to strengthen your farm's finances, stay local. For more than a century, Vision Bank has served communities in Southeastern Oklahoma. Our team understands your unique concerns and will work with you to determine the financial vehicle right for your enterprise. Growth for your farm means growth for our community. At Vision Bank, your success is our business.

Beef up your farm's inventory and look to Vision Bank for your cattle, poultry, or swine financing needs. Livestock financing options include:

  • Cattle Financing: Dairy cows, beef cattle, bulls, steer, heifers
  • Poultry Financing: Chicken, turkey, broilers, layers
  • Swine Financing: Boar, pigs, hogs, barrows, gilts, sows
  • Competitive rates: Variable and fixed options available

Farm Real Estate Loans

Vision Bank is your farm-friendly community bank offering farm real estate loans, ranch financing, and other types of agricultural real estate financing for agribusinesses in Oklahoma. From the "Cotton Bust of 1924" through the present-day, we've been the financial partner of choice for local farms during good times and bad. Put our experience to work for you in finding the best farmland loan for your objectives. Our employees live and work in the same community as you, and they understand the nuances of the local agriculture industry and farm real estate market. Besides this valuable local knowledge, choosing a community bank as your farm real estate lender means you'll benefit from our local decision-making, swift turnaround time, flexible lending terms, and competitive interest rates.

How do Farm Real Estate Loans Work?

Whether you're looking to purchase your first farm or ranch, or expand your current operation, our farm real estate financing can help you buy the land you need and construct or improve the farming structures you'll need to get started, such as barns and livestock shelters. You can also use farm real estate loans to refinance existing debt at a better rate or terms.

Besides these primary uses for agricultural real estate financing, your imagination is the only ceiling on the projects you can build. If you need help with livestock financing, we have options available for your business. As people take a greater interest in local produce, many farms expand to provide "pick-your-own" experiences, petting zoos, and other farm-related entertainment. The Farm Service Agency also backs conservation loans for special projects related to soil erosion, water quality, and switching to organic or more sustainable farming models.

To apply for a farm real estate loan, you'll need to consider the loan-to-value ratio, minimum debt coverage, debt-to-asset ratio, and your personal credit history as well as your farm's current financial situation. Vision Bank offers a full range of loan types including fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans. Our lending team can help you determine which farm real estate loan best meets your needs.

Farm Equipment Loan

Farmers have been a large share of our customer base since our founding in 1900. And while agricultural technology has certainly changed since then, our pride in Oklahoma farms has not. Oklahoma has always been a state rich with natural resources, including its fertile land. Local farmers trust Vision Bank to provide high quality farm financing products and friendly service that makes it fun to live and work together in the same community. Keeping your farm growing is what we do, and our farm equipment financing ensures you have the tools you need to produce successful crops and raise healthy livestock.

How do farm equipment loans work?

As family farms and smaller operations struggle to compete with national agriculture businesses, profit margins depend on robust crop and livestock sales and too many extra expenses can easily push your balance sheet into the negative. On the one hand, modern farming machinery increases your efficiency, generating more products for sale with fewer labor costs. On the other hand, tractors and other major pieces of equipment are expensive, and you may not use them all year round. Farm equipment financing and leasing helps you buy what you need in a way that is affordable and sustainable for your agriculture business.

What can agricultural equipment financing be used for?

From tractor loans to other farm equipment loans, you can use your agricultural equipment financing for the machinery you need to maintain or upgrade your farm. Whether you have a dairy farm, livestock business, organic farm, or regular crop farm, you may need some or all of the following equipment:

  • Tractors of all sizes and their many attachment options including plows and backhoes
  • Trucks and all-terrain vehicles
  • Wagons
  • Harrows
  • Irrigation systems
  • Seeders
  • Mowers
  • Combines
  • Harvesters
  • Generators
  • Milking and other livestock equipment
Contact our farm equipment financing team today!

Our team members' many years of working with agriculture businesses gives us insight into the concerns and challenges of the farmers in the communities we serve. When you need to purchase or replace your farm equipment, see the difference with a community bank that has kept Oklahoma farms thriving for more than a century. Call us today to discuss your agricultural equipment financing needs or to begin the loan application process. You can also visit your local Vision Bank office in Ada, Durant, Shawnee, Prague, Meeker, Davis, Sulphur or Norman.

Agricultural Working Capital Loans

The farms in our Oklahoma communities feed the region and the rest of the country. They are essential to our collective well-being. Helping your farm succeed is of utmost importance both to you and to the agricultural lending team at Vision Bank.

When considering ways to strengthen your farm's finances with an agricultural loan, stay local. For over 120 years, Vision Bank has served communities in south central Oklahoma. Our team understands your unique concerns and will work with you to determine the right financial product for your enterprise. Growth for your farm means growth for our community. At Vision Bank, your success is our business.

Is an agricultural working capital loan right for you? Our experts will assist in identifying and matching you with the right agriculture working capital loan to get you closer to your dreams.

What are working capital loans?

Working capital: The liquid assets of your farm used to cover short-term obligations.

Working capital loans: Loans that cover some of the everyday expenses of running or maintaining a farm. These include:

  • Equipment maintenance
  • Fuel
  • Seeds
  • Fertilizer
  • Salaries for seasonal workers

Working capital loans for farms help offset periods of reduced business activity caused by the cyclical nature of farming. The benefits of agricultural working capital loans are that they are quick to obtain, you retain full ownership of your agribusiness, and they are typically repaid before your next busy season.

Local lending makes the difference

Call or visit a Vision Bank location near you to speak with our lending team about our comprehensive business loan options. From beginning and small farmers to more experienced ag operators, our experts will work with you to identify and work towards the financial solutions needed to meet the short and long-term goals of your business. Work with us to secure your agriculture working capital loan with no long delays or processing times. Whenever you need us, we're never more than a phone call or short drive away.

With personalized service and a local touch, Vision Bank has everything you need to meet your goals. See the difference!

Contact Vision Bank at 888-332-5132, send us an email, or visit one of our convenient locations to learn more about agriculture financing for farmers and ranchers.

FAQs About Agriculture Loans

Which bank is best for agriculture loans?

At Vision Bank, we take the time to know you, your family, and your agriculture business. We’ve been serving farmers and ag operations in South Central Oklahoma for more than a century. So, look no further than your own backyard for the right agriculture loan lender. Vision Bank offers flexible financing terms, professional experience, and the local expertise you need to reach your agriculture business goals.

What is an agriculture loan?

Ag loans are similar to business loans but specifically geared towards the financing needs of working farmers. Ag financing can be used to purchase farm real estate, equipment, livestock, or supplies, or to renovate an existing farm. 

How do I get financing to start a farm?

Contact the business lending team at Vision Bank to learn more about your farm loan options. Or fill out our Commercial Loan Application, print it, and bring it to one of our bank locations in Oklahoma to speed up your application process.

What loans do farmers use?

There are a variety of agriculture loans available to meet the unique needs of farmers and ag business owners. Vision Bank offers Livestock Loans, Farm Real Estate Loans, Farm Equipment Loans and Agriculture Working Capital Loans.