Benefits of eStatements for Managing Personal Finances

In the 2019 How America Banks survey, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) noted that 34 percent of households in Oklahoma use mobile banking as their primary means of accessing their bank accounts. With online and mobile banking, customers can check account balances and monitor their transaction history from the convenience of home computers or mobile devices.

So, are you getting the most out of your Vision Bank account by using online or mobile banking? Along with offering a variety of financial accounts, friendly customer service and convenient locations across central Oklahoma, Vision Bank also provides easy to use online and mobile banking tools.

Vision Bank customers who are still receiving paper account statements in the mail each month haven’t unlocked the full benefits of our totally free Vision Bank checking accounts. Signing up for eStatements is the best step toward maximizing the Vision Bank digital banking experience. Here are answers to frequently asked questions that we receive regarding Vision Bank eStatements – plus a few extras that you may not have considered.

What are eStatements?

eStatements are the electronic version of the monthly checking account statement. eStatements provide transaction history for the month, your beginning and ending account balances, and a calculation of any interest earned or fees charged on accounts. Customers can access eStatements by logging into Vision Bank’s Internet Banking portal. eStatements look just like paper statements but are conveniently viewed online, at any point during the month.

What are the benefits of eStatements?

Signing up for eStatements is a free and convenient way to get the most out of your Vision Bank checking account. Here are the five benefits of ditching your paper statements and signing up for eStatements.

  1. eStatements are more secure than paper statements.

Vision Bank’s online and mobile access is password protected. Anyone can reach into your mailbox, but only you know the password to access your eStatements. We recommend you also use a password to lock your mobile phone or home computer. In doing so you create two layers of authentication to help keep your banking details safe from prying eyes.

  1. eStatements can help you detect fraud sooner.

If you wait to receive a paper statement in the mail each month, days may pass before you detect fraudulent withdrawals from your account. eStatements help you manage your personal financial risk by alerting you to unusual activity on your account. You don’t have to be home to receive your electronic bank statements. eStatements allow you to keep up with your accounts even while you travel.

  1. eStatements are available when you need them.

Applying for a mortgage or loan? You don’t need a paper file of last year’s account statements. With Vision Bank eStatements, you can access up to 60 months of previous account statements from the convenience of your home computer or mobile device.

  1. eStatements are better for the environment.

eStatements eliminate the need for paper mailings each month. Reducing the amount of paper we use helps save trees and cuts back on deforestation. The more trees in our environment, the less carbon dioxide in our air. Scientists believe that cutting down fewer trees and rebuilding our forests can help limit global warming and increase our planet’s biodiversity.

  1. eStatements can save you time and money.

Online and mobile banking can eliminate the need to visit the bank every time you want to access your account. In rural areas of the United States, the average drive to a full-service bank branch is 4.3 miles. Signing up for eStatements can save you money on gas by providing 24/7 access to your account balance and transaction history without driving to the bank.

eStatements decrease paperwork.

eStatements at Vision Bank in Oklahoma

At Vision Bank, eStatements are one of the many tools offered by our mobile and internet banking services. You can access up to 60 months of past eStatements, view deposited check images and track the status of checks you have written. We’ve made PDF versions of your past statements available for downloading and printing from within the Vision Bank online banking platform if you ever need a paper copy of a statement.


In addition to eStatements, mobile banking allows you to make mobile deposits, monitor your bank accounts, access account information by text, pay bills online and utilize a mobile wallet with your Vision Bank debit or credit card. If you are not already enrolled in Vision Bank’s online banking, signing up is easy.

What do I need to sign up for eStatements?

Vision Bank is happy to offer our community free eStatements with all personal and business checking accounts. Signing up is easy! From the Vision Bank website, just choose Sign up for eStatements. Each time an eStatement becomes available, we will send you a notification via the email address you provide.


The current hardware and software system requirements for accessing eStatements can be found in our Customer Consent to Accept Electronic Delivery of eStatements.

Your rights regarding eStatements

We think you will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of eStatements. If you are not sure that eStatements are right for you, you can try eStatements without fear of being locked in. Once you provide consent to switch to eStatements, you have the right to change your mind and switch back to paper statements at any time. There is currently no fee for receiving your monthly statements by mail.

Speak with a Vision bank associate to upgrade your experience.

Go paperless with eStatements

Start receiving your bank statements online with eStatements today. Signing up is easy! From the Vision Bank website, just choose Sign up for eStatements and accept the disclosures. Each time an eStatement becomes available we will send you a notification via the email address you provide. For assistance or questions regarding eStatements, please email or call (888) 332-5132.