Felony Lane Gang

Law enforcement officers in our local communities are reporting recent activity of a fraudster group known as ‘The Felony Lane Gang.’ We want to make sure all Vision Bank customers are aware of this activity and pass along some safety tips to protect yourself.

According to authorities, the Felony Lane Gang is a group of people who scheme to break into vehicles, steal purses, checkbooks, credit cards, drivers’ licenses and other means of identification and then use the personal information obtained to commit more crime. The gang members allegedly use these stolen items to cash bogus checks or go on shopping sprees with stolen credit cards. They appear to target the vehicles of mothers and young women.

Investigators say the men in this gang often do the smash and grabs while the women cash the checks. The women alter their appearance by wearing wigs to closely resemble the victim. They have committed these acts by entering bank lobbies and using the drive-thru, often using the furthest lane to avoid detection.

For your safety and to prevent identity theft, please remember to always keep your financial records, Social Security, Medicare cards, and any other documents that have personal information in a safe place versus in your wallets.

The best prevention for fraud is knowledge. At Vision Bank, we have made it our mission to help educate our customers on common fraud schemes and tactics.

If you think you suspect you have fallen victim to fraud, please report it by visiting: https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/ and contact your local branch.