Earth Day

April 22, 2023

Happy World Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day, we at Vision Bank are encouraging our customers to switch to eStatements. This simple change will not only make your banking experience more convenient, but it will also help reduce paper waste, protect our planet and could protect yourself from identity theft.

By going paperless and switching to eStatements, you will receive your monthly account statement electronically, directly to your online banking email inbox. This eliminates the need for paper statements and reduces the amount of mail that is processed. In addition, you can access your statements at any time, making it easier to monitor your account activity and stay on top of your finances. The benefits of eStatements are endless - check out this blog to learn more!  

At Vision Bank, we are committed to protecting our environment and reducing our carbon footprint. By switching to eStatements, you can join us in this effort and help to make a positive impact on our planet. Learn about the impact you can make on our planet by visiting We believe that every small change can make a big difference and we hope that you will join us in this initiative.

Signing up for Statements is easy! If you’re interested in switching to eStatements, simply fill out this form, visit one of our convenient locations or call us at 580-332-5132 to get started. From there, you can start enjoying the benefits of eStatements knowing your protecting not only the planet but your identity too.

Thank you for choosing Vision Bank and for joining us in our commitment to protect the planet. Happy Earth Day!